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* Update cached direct cert when we find a mismatchPeter Palfrader2013-09-07
* reverse diff orderPeter Palfrader2013-08-18
* Support passing a running tor to tor-exit-ssl-check and have tor-exit-ssl-che...Peter Palfrader2013-07-20
* Fix filterPeter Palfrader2013-07-16
* Also ignore byte countPeter Palfrader2013-07-16
* Use a specific prefixPeter Palfrader2013-07-16
* Support a cert cache dirPeter Palfrader2013-07-15
* Let tor find a socksport it likesPeter Palfrader2013-07-15
* print hostname in result linePeter Palfrader2013-03-11
* tor-exit-ssl-check: Update (c) yearPeter Palfrader2013-03-06
* Allow testing multiple destinations in one goPeter Palfrader2013-03-06
* Encode what happened in exit codePeter Palfrader2013-03-06
* Print only short output when ssl handshaking fails through TorPeter Palfrader2013-02-14
* Better quoting, IIPeter Palfrader2013-02-12
* Better quotingPeter Palfrader2013-02-12
* feature creep is horrible: support base64 fingerprintsPeter Palfrader2013-02-12
* Strip spaces out of fingerprintsPeter Palfrader2013-02-12
* Also show diffs in the connect:errno case, with -vvPeter Palfrader2012-12-12
* fix usagePeter Palfrader2012-12-10
* Add tor-exit-ssl-checkPeter Palfrader2012-12-10