conf/dotfiles.gitdotfiles -- configuration and such 16 months
misc/ - godard-ansible
projects/echolot.gitecholot -- pinger for anonymous remailers 9 years
projects/historical/fancydress.gitpartial Mixminion implementation in Java 9 years
projects/ website 9 years
tools/archvsync.gitDebian's mirroring scripts
tools/backup-helpers.githelper scripts to deal with backing up various things 6 years
tools/hosting-ldap.gitan attempt to maintain postfix and apache config in ldap 9 years
tools/monitoring.gitassorted nagios and munin plugins 23 months
tools/nsa.gitcommit mail to IRC bot 6 years
tools/weasel-vpn.gitweasel's openvpn mesh with quagga bgp policy based routing on top 4 years
tools/weaselutils.gitweasel's swiss army knife 5 months