BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfix parsing of openssl output in letsencrypt helperDominik Kaaser3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-19fix parsing of openssl output in letsencrypt helperHEADmasterDominik Kaaser
2019-09-08Merge features from anarcatPeter Palfrader
2019-05-22pvinfo: update lvdisplay parserPeter Palfrader
2019-05-01publish-purge: only purge if ttl is a positive integer (so 0 means "do not pu...Peter Palfrader
2019-05-01publish: do not set a default ttl. instead let publish-purge decide on defaultsPeter Palfrader
2018-09-14make-tlsa: Fix CN parsingPeter Palfrader
2018-09-14create-temp - treat LINK_NAME as a normal file alwaysPeter Palfrader
2018-01-20dicewords: support dictionaryPeter Palfrader
2017-08-16Make xclip/xsel call configurable. Request by Dominik KaaserPeter Palfrader
2017-08-16fix date formatPeter Palfrader