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* Add install-VM-grongoPeter Palfrader2015-02-18
* And update git urlPeter Palfrader2014-11-27
* work around Debian Bug #771170: git appears to no longer accept intermediate ...Peter Palfrader2014-11-27
* ssh-co-dotfiles: re-pull with updated certPeter Palfrader2014-11-17
* New cert for www.palfrader.orgPeter Palfrader2014-11-17
* Use $HOME instead of /home/weaselPeter Palfrader2014-09-19
* do not create a temporary .dotfiles that may then be useless if thhhings failsPeter Palfrader2014-09-19
* ssh-co-dotfiles: Use the git from now onPeter Palfrader2014-09-17
* new certPeter Palfrader2014-04-23
* new certPeter Palfrader2014-01-11
* add ssh-co-dotfilesPeter Palfrader2013-12-18