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* Force internal resolver for -backports suitesPeter Palfrader2012-05-02
* Handle signed .dsc filesPeter Palfrader2012-05-02
* Add precise to sbuild-stuff listPeter Palfrader2012-04-24
* dcmd --orig does not return just the orig tarball on squeeze, it returns the ...Peter Palfrader2012-04-24
* Handle gpg signed dsc filesPeter Palfrader2012-04-04
* Support gpg signed .dsc filesPeter Palfrader2012-03-11
* Support overriding sbuild targetPeter Palfrader2012-03-11
* Update sbuild-stuffPeter Palfrader2012-03-09
* Add nattyPeter Palfrader2011-05-01
* Make sure we keep the original Distribution:Peter Palfrader2011-04-11
* Add two scriptsPeter Palfrader2011-03-10