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* rvi: update how to apply external changesPeter Palfrader2016-01-17
* more quotingPeter Palfrader2012-08-14
* Tell how to create initial ,v filePeter Palfrader2012-08-14
* Quote BN and DNPeter Palfrader2012-08-14
* Try to use a better editor than /usr/bin/vim - as if there was such a thingPeter Palfrader2012-08-14
* rvi: print usage with -h or --help, and with no argumentsPeter Palfrader2012-08-14
* Short comment explaining what rvi doesPeter Palfrader2012-08-14
* Add license and copyright statementPeter Palfrader2012-08-14
* Quote variables or else EElf faintsPeter Palfrader2006-05-05
* move chown further downPeter Palfrader2006-04-21
* Place chown inside quoted echo commandPeter Palfrader2005-11-30
* Use the user supplied filename, not cgi.cfgPeter Palfrader2005-10-13
* Handle owner stuffPeter Palfrader2005-10-12
* Add some stuffPeter Palfrader2005-09-02