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* qxl graphics on qemuPeter Palfrader2017-07-25
* install stretch with install-VM-grongoPeter Palfrader2017-06-05
* disable ipv6 on eth0 properlyPeter Palfrader2016-06-24
* set up timesyncdPeter Palfrader2016-06-24
* add virtio rngPeter Palfrader2016-01-09
* use fqdn instead of just hostname in more placesPeter Palfrader2016-01-01
* re-order commandsPeter Palfrader2016-01-01
* avoid slashes and plus signs in passwordsPeter Palfrader2016-01-01
* sshfp records on new hostPeter Palfrader2015-03-19
* install-VM: pull in logrotatePeter Palfrader2015-02-25
* Only run check_installed on debian-systemsPeter Palfrader2015-02-18
* And use a keyring variablePeter Palfrader2015-02-18
* fix indentationPeter Palfrader2015-02-18
* Add install-VM-grongoPeter Palfrader2015-02-18