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* fix modePeter Palfrader2015-10-02
* Make create-temp smarter about the yesterday linkPeter Palfrader2015-02-03
* only update yesterday link if yesterday existsPeter Palfrader2013-06-24
* add yesterday linkPeter Palfrader2013-06-13
* make downloads dir +tPeter Palfrader2011-10-09
* also get rid of empty download dirsPeter Palfrader2010-03-22
* Update (c) of create-tempPeter Palfrader2009-12-14
* Make tmp symlink relative if easily possiblePeter Palfrader2009-12-14
* Insure against evil busses or trucksPeter Palfrader2008-11-10
* Add create-tempPeter Palfrader2008-06-07