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* re-add nattyPeter Palfrader2013-04-10
* Remove lenny, lucid. move set -e. remove build-obfsproxy-sourcesPeter Palfrader2013-04-09
* We no longer build hardyPeter Palfrader2013-04-09
* new dchPeter Palfrader2013-03-24
* remove hardyPeter Palfrader2013-03-24
* ubuntu quantalPeter Palfrader2012-11-10
* Update (c) yearPeter Palfrader2012-07-06
* Improve apparmor supportPeter Palfrader2012-07-05
* Do not use a global PKG variablePeter Palfrader2012-07-05
* Move more logic into functionsPeter Palfrader2012-07-05
* maverick is historyPeter Palfrader2012-06-12
* Remove apparmor for backportsPeter Palfrader2012-06-12
* build precise sourcesPeter Palfrader2012-04-24
* support skipping hardyPeter Palfrader2012-03-11
* Support building obfsproxyPeter Palfrader2012-03-11
* Remove obsolete distributionsPeter Palfrader2012-03-11
* Hardcode "tor" name less oftenPeter Palfrader2012-03-11
* oneiricPeter Palfrader2011-11-30
* karmic and lenny-bpo are eolPeter Palfrader2011-10-09
* no longer do dapperPeter Palfrader2011-05-20
* Add nattyPeter Palfrader2011-05-01
* hardening backports should not be needed for squeeze, lucid, maverickPeter Palfrader2011-03-10
* Add two scriptsPeter Palfrader2011-03-10