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* (c) yearsPeter Palfrader2009-08-20
* Warn on rebuilding - instead of saying unknownPeter Palfrader2009-08-20
* Insure against evil busses or trucksPeter Palfrader2008-11-10
* status VERIFYING is okPeter Palfrader2008-01-08
* Set version properlyPeter Palfrader2006-05-30
* Set versionPeter Palfrader2006-05-30
* Set revision keywordPeter Palfrader2006-05-30
* Update descriptionPeter Palfrader2006-05-30
* speling fixesPeter Palfrader2006-05-30
* Check for existance, not -xPeter Palfrader2006-02-15
* Minor updates to raid 3warePeter Palfrader2006-02-15
* Add primitive nagios-check-raid-3warePeter Palfrader2006-02-14