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masterMove nagios-check-rdiff-backup to py3Peter Palfrader17 months
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2021-06-22Move nagios-check-rdiff-backup to py3HEADmasterPeter Palfrader
2016-09-24merge dsa-check-libs changes into this check-libsPeter Palfrader
2016-02-08update second copyright linePeter Palfrader
2016-02-08Make nagios-check-raid-3ware work with newer perls (stricter -T), and use a m...Peter Palfrader
2015-10-07disk usage plugin for VMsPeter Palfrader
2015-01-29nagios-check-libs: new version numberPeter Palfrader
2015-01-29nagios-check-libs: find nfs filesPeter Palfrader
2014-09-03Move files aroundPeter Palfrader
2014-06-07nagios-check-libs conf update from Evgeni GolovPeter Palfrader
2014-06-07Remove "(deleted)" from front of path. This may happen in openvz containers ...Peter Palfrader