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* Retry gathering dataPeter Palfrader2006-06-23
* Set abort_on_exceptionPeter Palfrader2006-06-14
* work around ipmitool abortsPeter Palfrader2006-06-14
* Add smart_Peter Palfrader2006-06-14
* Add watts and ampsPeter Palfrader2006-06-13
* fix docsPeter Palfrader2006-05-29
* owfs is weirdPeter Palfrader2006-05-29
* owfs is weirdPeter Palfrader2006-05-29
* Minor label tweakPeter Palfrader2006-05-29
* Add owfs_temperature_Peter Palfrader2006-05-29
* Add backuppcPeter Palfrader2006-05-21
* If getting data takes up to 20 seconds, the cache should be considered valid ...Peter Palfrader2006-05-15
* Cache ipmitool outputPeter Palfrader2006-05-15
* Remove -l 0 from voltsPeter Palfrader2006-05-15
* map - to M and + to PPeter Palfrader2006-05-15
* But disallow the dotPeter Palfrader2006-05-15
* Allow - in namesPeter Palfrader2006-05-15
* A note about timeout and userPeter Palfrader2006-05-15
* IPMI sensors pluginPeter Palfrader2006-05-15
* remove the input from the AC frequency title - it does both in and outputPeter Palfrader2006-05-01
* change AC frequency to input and output frequencyPeter Palfrader2006-04-28
* Add upsPeter Palfrader2006-04-28