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* Merge host contacts with service contactsPeter Palfrader2009-03-26
* Also allow remote hostname replacement in remotechecksPeter Palfrader2009-03-26
* Insure against evil busses or trucksPeter Palfrader2008-11-10
* ServicegroupsPeter Palfrader2008-07-11
* Update copyrightPeter Palfrader2007-09-15
* Maybe fix relayed checksPeter Palfrader2007-06-21
* Apply patch by phil to substitute hostname into the notes_urlPeter Palfrader2005-11-02
* s/icon/icon_image/gPeter Palfrader2005-10-14
* Support host and serviceextinfoPeter Palfrader2005-10-12
* Major code cleanupPeter Palfrader2005-10-11
* Copy all unknown fields in host definitions to resulting hostgroup definitionsPeter Palfrader2005-10-10
* Copy all unknown fields in host definitions to resulting host definitionsPeter Palfrader2005-10-10
* Allow per hostgroup contactsPeter Palfrader2005-10-04
* Catch missing hostgroup defPeter Palfrader2005-10-04
* remove unused MAX_CHECK_ATTEMPTS_NRPESERVICEPeter Palfrader2005-10-02
* Make excludehostgroupsPeter Palfrader2005-10-02
* Make it more generalPeter Palfrader2005-09-02
* Add apt-get wrapperPeter Palfrader2005-09-02
* Add build-nagiosPeter Palfrader2005-09-02