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* Run samhain status update if the nagios cache is not-OK even if we did not ha...Peter Palfrader2019-09-09
* apply local patch to bibsPeter Palfrader2016-04-07
* also use other statefile pathPeter Palfrader2016-02-02
* upgrade-systems: pass in EXTRAARGS to -upgrade-all-GenericPeter Palfrader2014-11-17
* Also update files in bibs/Peter Palfrader2014-10-14
* sd: download the consensus instead of a v2 statusPeter Palfrader2014-09-17
* Make update-lit update local files tooPeter Palfrader2014-07-08
* Update update-litPeter Palfrader2014-02-18
* Add update-litPeter Palfrader2014-01-28
* update or init samhain, depending on whether we have a state file. send no mailPeter Palfrader2013-12-11
* update upgrade-torprojectPeter Palfrader2013-12-11
* remove silly, unused variablePeter Palfrader2013-09-27
* zshfunc updatePeter Palfrader2013-04-22
* Change upgrade functionsPeter Palfrader2012-03-21
* add snap-farmpathPeter Palfrader2012-01-02
* run update-apt if stuff is not in OK statePeter Palfrader2010-08-22
* add upgrade-torprojectPeter Palfrader2010-03-11
* ~buildd can be a symlinkPeter Palfrader2009-07-29
* Add buildd-{stop,start}Peter Palfrader2009-06-28
* Undo split of vsc-info into individual per-function filesPeter Palfrader2009-06-28
* Add vcs-infoPeter Palfrader2009-06-27
* Work on vcsinfoPeter Palfrader2009-05-31
* Add sshaPeter Palfrader2009-05-09
* A couple localsPeter Palfrader2009-05-08
* two more functionsPeter Palfrader2009-05-08
* remove function headersPeter Palfrader2009-05-08
* Split out functionsPeter Palfrader2009-05-08