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masterOnly add ccache to PATH if ~/.ccache is not a dangling symlinkPeter Palfrader11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-21Only add ccache to PATH if ~/.ccache is not a dangling symlinkHEADmasterPeter Palfrader
2019-09-22Another attempt to get the focus on tag-switch to workPeter Palfrader
2019-09-22Move Up/Down from Alt- to Mod(Hyper?)Peter Palfrader
2019-09-22Replace a deprecated function with its new variantPeter Palfrader
2019-09-09float okular by defaultPeter Palfrader
2019-09-09unmaximize all new clientsPeter Palfrader
2019-09-09Run samhain status update if the nagios cache is not-OK even if we did not ha...Peter Palfrader
2019-09-09Try to fix the focus-under-mouse on tag change.Peter Palfrader
2019-09-09Also set client.maximized (not just _horizontal or _vertial) to false when we...Peter Palfrader
2019-09-03switch to awful.wibar and awful.spawn.with_shellPeter Palfrader