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masteradd cls aliasPeter Palfrader9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-25add cls aliasHEADmasterPeter Palfrader
2018-06-25xresources updatePeter Palfrader
2018-06-25awesome updatePeter Palfrader
2018-02-26map make to B and D againPeter Palfrader
2018-01-29make tabbing in a-r paths workPeter Palfrader
2017-09-22different tab cyclingPeter Palfrader
2017-08-26unset bracketed paste stuff - it breaks pasting into urxvt's searchPeter Palfrader
2017-07-17new chromium/torbrowser rulesPeter Palfrader
2017-07-17Move along when moving clients with mod+ctrl+num, add mod+alt+num to just mov...Peter Palfrader
2017-07-17spawn bt-headset on pressing the "5" key on the top row of my keyboardPeter Palfrader