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* tmux and vim terminal stuffPeter Palfrader2021-02-01
* map make to B and D againPeter Palfrader2018-02-26
* vim listchars once more: avoid small hyphen as it cannot be used in urxvt's c...Peter Palfrader2016-12-19
* Actually, the issue was using a soft-hyphen in tabchars, and that has differe...Peter Palfrader2016-12-15
* Fix listchars encoding which makes (remote) stable vim in stretch urxvt look ...Peter Palfrader2016-12-15
* vim: do not move cursor to the beginning of a line on buffer switchPeter Palfrader2015-02-22
* escape chars are a painPeter Palfrader2014-02-08
* Update vimrcPeter Palfrader2013-12-11
* Fix detect ident callPeter Palfrader2013-04-10
* DetectIndent conditional on existingPeter Palfrader2013-03-26
* Update vimrcPeter Palfrader2013-03-26
* Update vimrc: spell stuff, reallyPeter Palfrader2012-07-19
* Update vimrc: spell stuffPeter Palfrader2012-07-19
* Change F* for next/prev filePeter Palfrader2012-05-24
* set wildmodePeter Palfrader2011-09-20
* urxvt thingsPeter Palfrader2010-06-27
* Makkign stuff to C-M is not smartPeter Palfrader2010-03-20
* vimrc updatePeter Palfrader2010-03-11
* tabstuffPeter Palfrader2009-09-13
* Add vcs-infoPeter Palfrader2009-06-27
* Increase historyPeter Palfrader2009-05-08
* Add fpr()Peter Palfrader2008-04-01
* Handle mail approvingPeter Palfrader2006-06-05
* Add dotfilesPeter Palfrader2006-04-29