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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* new signing keyPeter Palfrader2021-02-01
* full fpr signingkeyPeter Palfrader2019-03-27
* merge optionsPeter Palfrader2016-12-19
* enable fsckobjects on a bunch of things ( Palfrader2016-02-02
* set default push to simplePeter Palfrader2016-02-02
* gitconfig: add log=5000 to more mergeoptionsPeter Palfrader2016-02-02
* gitconfig: add log=5000 to mergePeter Palfrader2016-02-02
* Make gitconfig work on wheezy againPeter Palfrader2014-11-17
* Set up vim plugins dir and symlink plugins that exist in usrPeter Palfrader2014-10-11
* push.default=simple is only available in jessie and laterPeter Palfrader2014-09-17
* Set push default to simplePeter Palfrader2014-09-11
* Set a global gitignore filePeter Palfrader2013-12-11
* w* commandPeter Palfrader2012-05-24
* git: Specify signing keyPeter Palfrader2012-03-21
* update gitconfig and add to link-themPeter Palfrader2009-07-16
* Add gitconfigPeter Palfrader2009-05-08