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* Fix Link-Them script to remove old symlinksPeter Palfrader2014-09-11
* tmux and terminfoPeter Palfrader2013-12-11
* Set a global gitignore filePeter Palfrader2013-12-11
* update gitconfig and add to link-themPeter Palfrader2009-07-16
* Remove default lenny bashrc - no need for backupsPeter Palfrader2009-06-27
* Make relative symlinksPeter Palfrader2009-06-27
* split out ssh linkingPeter Palfrader2009-05-08
* Split out functionsPeter Palfrader2009-05-08
* Syntax fixPeter Palfrader2006-04-29
* Set it executablePeter Palfrader2006-04-29
* Add a link scriptPeter Palfrader2006-04-29