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* Use a mail parsing libPeter Palfrader2013-07-14
* Merge in patches from asteriaPeter Palfrader2012-10-01
* upcase harderPeter Palfrader2011-05-20
* hopefully teach nsa base64Peter Palfrader2011-05-20
* Protect against Sebastian sending us emailPeter Palfrader2010-01-14
* Teach nsa about sslPeter Palfrader2010-01-13
* rate limitPeter Palfrader2008-08-03
* fix syntaxPeter Palfrader2008-04-06
* and properly join stuffPeter Palfrader2008-04-06
* support NOTICEsPeter Palfrader2008-04-06
* Handle channelkeysPeter Palfrader2008-03-01
* copyright and licensePeter Palfrader2008-02-19
* Fix a bugPeter Palfrader2007-05-24
* Add nsaPeter Palfrader2007-05-23