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* Documentation updatearch-includePeter Palfrader2016-02-11
* move arch include/exclude stuff into own functionPeter Palfrader2016-02-11
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'waldi/arch-include'Peter Palfrader2016-02-11
| * Correctly generate architecture list in case for arch includeBastian Blank2016-02-10
| * Factor out arch exclude and include into functionBastian Blank2016-01-26
| * Support architecture includeBastian Blank2016-01-26
| * Factor out source exclude specificationBastian Blank2016-01-26
* | Default to stunnel4 with checkHost - this will break unless one runs stretch ...Peter Palfrader2016-02-04
* | rsync-ssl-tunnel: fix argument handling when only a single argument is givenPeter Palfrader2016-02-04
* | Also support socat, and document that both stunnel4 and socat in their curren...Peter Palfrader2016-02-03
* | Add experimental rsync over SSL (stunnel) supportPeter Palfrader2016-02-01
* Put start date into the extended tracePeter Palfrader2016-01-12
* Use proper path to masterPeter Palfrader2016-01-09
* check for Archive serial, not just /serial/Peter Palfrader2016-01-08
* No need to grep and awk. Just awkPeter Palfrader2016-01-08
* One more style cleanupJoerg Jaspert2016-01-07
* Also count stage2 rsync timePeter Palfrader2016-01-07
* Fix a typo in a filenamePeter Palfrader2016-01-07
* Only do _hierarchy and _traces when EXTENDEDTRACE is full, or when upstream d...Peter Palfrader2016-01-07
* add (c)Peter Palfrader2016-01-06
* Kill a stray ‐Peter Palfrader2016-01-06
* Style ([ -> [[)Joerg Jaspert2016-01-06
* Revert "Revert "Add pipefail option""Joerg Jaspert2016-01-06
* Fix egrep callJoerg Jaspert2016-01-06
* Revert "Add pipefail option"Peter Palfrader2016-01-06
* Add pipefail optionJoerg Jaspert2016-01-06
* Style (no "" in [[ ]] and spaces in $(( )) )Joerg Jaspert2016-01-06
* And -1 for ls, for the less enlightened onesPeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* sort ls by timePeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* fix variable namePeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* Also create a list of tracefilesPeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* Include tracehost and rsync-host in hieraPeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* We also do not want _hierarchy overwrittenPeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* proper path for trace hierarchyPeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* Experiment with hierarchy filePeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* remove stage1 tracefile on all syncPeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* protect stage1 tracefilePeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* Do stage1 tracefile at the end, if we only did stage1Peter Palfrader2016-01-06
* Do not divide by zeroPeter Palfrader2016-01-06
* move rfc822 date and archive serial into the terse/full block for tracefiles....Peter Palfrader2016-01-06
* The unprefixed date line should remain the first line of a tracefilePeter Palfrader2016-01-05
* Style (mostly use [[ instead of [, more readable)Joerg Jaspert2016-01-04
* tracefile generation in a function, use it for stage1 file tooJoerg Jaspert2016-01-04
* Archive serial, parseable date headerJoerg Jaspert2016-01-04
* Try to extract bytes transferred from rsync logs and put them and rsync time ...Peter Palfrader2016-01-01
* When excluding source, re-include some non-source tar.gz filesSteve McIntyre2015-08-13
* Clarify all/staged mirror typesJoerg Jaspert2015-06-08
* Update versionJoerg Jaspert2015-04-25
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'paultag/paultag/featutre/Dockerfile' into mergeJoerg Jaspert2014-11-26
| * Add a DockerfilePaul Tagliamonte2014-11-14