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* Adapt create-distribution for gitPeter Palfrader2014-10-22
* Remove $Id$ tags from all filesPeter Palfrader2014-10-22
* Update copyright statementPeter Palfrader2014-10-22
* Fix a bashishm in tools/create-distributionPeter Palfrader2012-10-15
* Update FSF address in all filesPeter Palfrader2005-10-09
* There are no .cvsignore files anymore, so no need to remove them when buildin...Peter Palfrader2004-06-10
* Add GPL and copyright boilerplate to all filesPeter Palfrader2004-04-28
* Removed obsolete tools to convert echolot setups during 2.0beta* releasesPeter Palfrader2004-04-28
* Exit with error if we fail to stop pingdPeter Palfrader2003-06-06
* Remove random command invocation via pingctr/init script. People should just...Peter Palfrader2003-06-06
* Add sendchainpings commandPeter Palfrader2003-02-21
* Print status summary to log dailysnapshot/2003-02-20Peter Palfrader2003-02-20
* Add sendpings and buildfromlinesPeter Palfrader2003-02-18
* Do without Log::DispatchPeter Palfrader2003-01-14
* Documenting new requirementsPeter Palfrader2003-01-14
* Have install-perl-modules toolPeter Palfrader2002-09-12
* Further pingctl fixesPeter Palfrader2002-08-21
* Fix syntax error in pingctlPeter Palfrader2002-08-21
* Using a sane basedir by defaultecholot-2.0beta21Peter Palfrader2002-08-05
* Added pingctl wrapper to toolsecholot-2.0beta20Peter Palfrader2002-08-02
* Build pingd.conf.5Peter Palfrader2002-07-16
* Changed thesaurus filenames from nn-foo to nn.fooPeter Palfrader2002-07-10
* Add comment explaining what it doesPeter Palfrader2002-07-10
* Initial ImportPeter Palfrader2002-07-10
* Moved from XML to Data::Dumperecholot-2.0beta2Peter Palfrader2002-07-10