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* quagga service files are all brokenPeter Palfrader2017-01-02
* Sleep 1 after bgpd restart to make sure it survivesPeter Palfrader2017-01-02
* stretch has no quagga parent service anymorePeter Palfrader2017-01-02
* do ferm/iptables stuff betterPeter Palfrader2017-01-02
* Use service to restart quaggaPeter Palfrader2017-01-02
* daemon-reload and servicePeter Palfrader2016-11-26
* restart fermPeter Palfrader2012-06-12
* Add original sa-bogofilterPeter Palfrader2006-05-20
* Warn if you cannot split a line and continuePeter Palfrader2006-01-07
* Support variable namespace instead of fixed "noreply2"Peter Palfrader2006-01-07
* Add filesPeter Palfrader2006-01-07