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* Support setting host in my.cnfPeter Palfrader2009-01-19
* Insure against evil busses or trucksPeter Palfrader2008-11-10
* work if concurrency_level is not setPeter Palfrader2007-02-26
* Ignore lost+found "database"Peter Palfrader2006-12-19
* Have CONCURRENCY_LEVEL environmentPeter Palfrader2006-09-04
* Add a new dirPeter Palfrader2006-09-04
* Remove debugging echoPeter Palfrader2006-03-20
* Support multiple hosts in backup-mysqlPeter Palfrader2006-03-16
* Make backup-mysql use one of two backup targetsPeter Palfrader2005-12-02
* Add some stuffPeter Palfrader2005-09-02