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masterFurther clean up PathSpecPeter Palfrader19 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2003-11-12Further clean up PathSpecHEADmasterPeter Palfrader
2003-11-11Simplify path building.Peter Palfrader
2003-11-11Rework PathSpec based on the now specified algorith. Some questions are stil...Peter Palfrader
2003-11-11Change terminology to match type III's path-spec: s/useable/valid/gPeter Palfrader
2003-11-11Document existing PathSpec codePeter Palfrader
2003-11-04We cannot use SURBs yet, only generate themPeter Palfrader
2003-10-27Use cryptix in TLS for now. bouncycastle doesn't get TLS right, sun's crypto...Peter Palfrader
2003-10-27Further work on SURBs. Decoding and further tests still required.Peter Palfrader
2003-10-27Make sure we use the same instance of routing information in both makeSHS callsPeter Palfrader
2003-10-27First go at SURBs. Still needs testing. Moo.Peter Palfrader